The Company Our History

Over a decade ago, VCT embraced the challenge of unleashing the powerful potential inherent in aerodynamically controlling the vortices emanating from the aft fuselage of aircraft.

Through a combination of analytical and empirical methods involving computational fluid dynamics (CFD), wind tunnel and flight test data, VCT has successfully developed patented technologies that control vortices, reducing an aircraft operator's carbon emissions and fuel consumption.

VCT's senior engineering team are veterans of Lockheed-Martin's Advanced Development Programs, also known as the "Lockheed Skunkworks".

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VCT and The Environment

VCT is committed to developing innovative technologies that will assist the aerospace industry in achieving sustainability and carbon neutrality.

"We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive."

~ Albert Einstein

Leadership Team

Board of Directors

The VCT team includes experienced aerodynamicists and design engineers, flight test pilots, a NASA astronaut, an airline president, an associate administrator of NASA, CEO of an airport infrastructure company, a managing director of a private equity firm, and a U.S. senator.

VCT develops sustainable aviation solutions to achieve carbon neutrality for today's commercial & military aircraft