Green Technology Takes Flight

Moving towards carbon neutral aircraft operations won't be easy. Here's how VCT is supporting the world's airlines, corporate aviation and the military. Enabling everyone to be part of the solution to climate change today.


Normally the airflow around the aft body of an aircraft becomes separated which causes drag, reduces performance, and increases fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

VCT Finlets control vortex flow to reduce aircraft aerodynamic drag translating into a reduction in aircraft fuel consumption and carbon emissions by 1% to 6% depending upon aircraft type.

FDAP Monitor
FDAP Monitor

Flight Data Analysis Program Monitoring System (FDAP Monitor) continuously tracks relevant aircraft performance parameters contained in an aircraft's Flight Data Analysis Program (FDAP). The FDAP Monitor will:

  1. Track aircraft flight control alignment for all control surfaces on individual aircraft.
  2. Enable users to rapidly identify and correct control surface rigging issues, saving fuel, and reducing carbon emissions.
  3. Accurately track specific range for each aircraft.
  4. Provide data for OEM guarantee compliance for specific ranges (to within +/- 0.15%), with 95% statistical confidence.
  5. Provide management reports based on customer needs and specifications.
Consulting Services

VCT works directly with military and commercial aircraft clients to provide a detailed analysis of their fleets, while developing proprietary software and products to improve aerodynamic performance and carbon reduction.

Our highly qualified team of proven engineers are unparalleled in experience and can tailor a custom program to meet customer specific needs.

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VCT develops sustainable aviation solutions to achieve carbon neutrality for today's commercial & military aircraft